Why MNK?

MNK is the first addition to the YOU Health & Nutrition Science line.

it is formulated primarily as an adaptogen for the immune system, meaning it will improve all aspects of the immune functions and to assist the human body function at a “normal” state.

also, if you have an overactive immune system, such as the conditions found in autoimmune disease, MNK can assist the issue. MNK does not just boost your immune system but also helps balance your immune system.

we all want more resilience. we want more resilience to stress, disease and sickness. MNK will help your immune system become more resilience to disease. MNK contains essential nutrients that help fight sickness and contribute to a normal or necessary physiological function.

MNK is formulated primarily as an adaptogen, which is plant/ herb extracts such as holy basil. this helps to increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning.


The best thing we can do is boost our immune system and build up a defence system against certain bugs. MNK is a product that can be taken long term to simply keep the microbes we all are exposed to away. by optimizing your immune system, MNK erects a strong barrier of defence against microbes by making sure your immune system in 100% ready to fight any invading pathogen.