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Life expectancy in industrialized nations is increasing year by year. Statistically speaking, a 65-year-old man still has 17 years ahead of him; a woman of the same age still has 22 years. As a common saying goes: “Everyone wants to grow old, but no one wants to be old.” One of the biggest fears relating to old age is the loss of mobility, often times resulting in loss of independence. In addition to living longer, we want to live longer in good health, and with a high quality of life. No question, at some point, most of us will have to live with certain signs of aging. However, when they occur and how strongly they really affect us is something that can be influenced.


SUPERPRO is a collagen peptide complex. What separates SUPERPRO from other collagen proteins is…. Collagen is a larger cell and can take some time for the body to absorb it but the real issue is that your body will use it wherever it needs, not always sending it to the muscle. Our body is full of collagen, different areas of the body, have different collagen cell sizes. SUPERPRO have a range of different collagen cell sizes for muscle, skin, joint cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Due to the collagen being cut down to exact cell sizes, this helps the body absorb the collagen a lot quicker and because it is already in the right cell sizes, the body knows exactly where it needs to go.

Each individual ingredient (collagen cells) has been clinically proven to decrease wrinkles within the skin (giving you that young firm look), regenerating joint cartilage, improving strength and structure of ligaments and tendons, 3x more muscle growth, power and strength than whey protein and more health benefits that will be explained further on.

Basically studies showed that these individual ingredients give you a higher quality of life and clinically proven to slow down the effects of aging…so we decided to put all of these ingredients (collagen cells) into one product to do exactly that and as far as we know, no one else has yet to do so.


How Bioactive Collagen Peptides Can Improve Quality Of Life.

We can Create the essential conditions to healthy living so that health disorders and restrictions strike as late as possible and possibly a milder form, as a result we can increase our life expectancy while also increasing our quality of life with greater activity and mobility. when you’re young, the metabolism runs at full speed, all body cells constantly renew themselves. As we grow old, processes in our body changes the metabolism slows down, body tissues are no longer reproduced at a required level.

Cartilage tissue wears out, bones become weak, blood vessels calcify and stiffen, blood flow decreases,skin loses ability to store moisture. the aging process cannot be stopped or reversed (yet). Aging is not a disease but causes restrictions but we can significantly improve the quality of life. In a natural way but how, why? Every body is different so depending on lifestyle and diet choices, depends on how your body will age.

Why Collagen?

30% of the human body is collagen. manly found in protein and the most important component of connective tissue. It’s also the central building blocks ofthe bones, joint cartilage, ligaments, tendons, fascia and other tissues and structures. It’s almost present everywhere in the body, forming and connecting moving parts (bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments). Collagen also provides structure and tension in the tissue and fascia.surrounding the tissue together with water, it erects barriers that divide the body into its various compartments, ensuring their function.

Collagen has enormous tensile strength, stronger than steel cable of the same thickness. This is why collagen can withstand tremendous loads. The skin is particularly important: It is used in the construction of a protective outer coating from the outside world, shielding us from harmful influences and from drying out. The intestinal wall is the inner counterpart to the outer skin. It protects us on the inside, but allows nutrients and other important food constituents to pass through, and be absorbed by, the body. Collagen is an essential component of all tissues and lends them functionality and stability.

Our body produces collagen. Proteins are constantly being synthesized and degraded, 400g of degraded proteins are replaced by new protein, everyday. With aging, the metabolic process slows down, the production shrinks 1.5% every year.

Collagen Dry Matter

Collagen Dry Matter

Types Of Collagen

28 types of collagen are known, the body manly consists of type 1,2 and 3.

TYPE 1 - 90% of the body’s total collagen, manly connective tissue of skin, bones and tendons.

TYPE 2 - joint cartilage.

TYPE 3 - Skin and Muscles.

*As people age, the ratio of the different types of collagen in the tissue, particularly in the skin, changes [7]. In newborns, for example, the ratio between type I and type III collagen is still almost balanced. Over the years, this ratio changes more and more in favor of type I collagen, and the concentration of type III collagen decreases significantly. Overall, the amount of all collagen fibers declines considerably in mature skin causing it to become thin and wrinkled.

Collagen Supplementation

Our body is constantly breaking down old tissue and building new tissue to keep us young. With age it slows down but doesn’t stop. When out body breaks down collagen, long chains are disassembled by enzymes for removal, which then the body gets a signal to start rebuilding. A young body reacts quick, as we age this process starts to slow down.

When we consume collagen peptides as a dietary supplement, we ingest just these collagen snippets – but in larger amounts. Our bodies are rapidly digesting and absorbing collagen, mainly in form of the smallest units – single amino acids, but also partially in intact form as collagen peptides (=collagen snippets). These collagen snippets reach the blood stream and distribute throughout the body. Now, the cells in our body, which are responsible for connective tissue / collagen metabolism, notice that there is an imbalance. It is like an alarm, “Attention! There are loads of collagen particles swimming about here – now we really have to get to work and make even more collagen!” As the collagen supplements provide the amino acids (=building blocks for collagen synthesis at the same time), they support the body twofold.


Collagen peptides can be so well absorbed by the body because they are water-soluble, and – unlike other proteins – have a very simple peptide structure, that is very easy for the body to work with. They are “broken down”, with an enzymatic treatment, and can therefore be absorbed more quickly and extensively than undenatured collagen.

Collagen peptides stimulate our body’s own collagen production, the connective tissue metabolism comes to life. Skin for example; it can be shown that other important components of skin structure, such as elastin and proteoglycans, are also produced in greater quantities. The dermis, the second layer of skin, is, so to speak, completely overhauled. At the same time, the degradation of the skin is slowed. In total, more collagen is being built up than broken down. This also happens in cartilage and bone: increased formation, slower degradation.

When taking collagen peptides, our body’s need time to adapt to these processes. overtime it can rebuild joint cartilage and stop wrinkles - collagen peptides do not only affect the symptoms but also address the causes of the problem directly.

Not all collagen peptides are the same. different cells react to different “snippets” of collagen.

There are certain cells in our body that are responsible for collagen formation:

- Chondrocytes: Collagen formation in joint cartilage

- Fibroblasts: Formation and degradation of collagen in the skin, ligaments, and tendons

- Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts: Formation and degradation of collagen in bones

Research, science studies - created a method of cutting the “snippets” out of the long chain of amino acids “to size” precisely the right way further explanation later.

SuperPro has different collagen peptides for your joints, firmer skin, stronger muscles, tendons and ligaments that have been scientifically proven to work, designed with collagen “snippets” that has been formulated for specific purposes.

Overtime collagen production starts to loose its equilibrium with increasing age. More collagen is broken down and less and less is formed. which is why the proteins (collagen snippets) that stimulates the body’s own production process becomes increasingly important.

We need proteins for a balanced diet and there are special proteins with added benefits. collagen peptides are in the second category, they’re indispensable for optimal stimulation of the cells. collagen peptides are pure protein, safe and allergen free. Easily and completely digested. providing amino acids as building blocks, the composition of which corresponds exactly to natural collagen. Natural collagen lacks tryptophan, an essential amino acid. This isn’t necessary in nature for the formation and function of the body’s own collagen. Collagen peptides that are absorbed via the diet, do not require this amino acid either. Collagen peptides are ideally suited to stimulate the formation process of collagen tissues in the body.

Long Term Energy Source

Collagen peptides should not be the only source of protein! This ensures that all necessary amino acids are available to the body in sufficient amounts. Proteins contribute to the body’s energy supply. Collagen peptides contain a high amount of the so called “energy amino acids” proline and glycine, which are converted to glycogen and stored in the muscles as an energy supplier. The process takes time, protein “long term energy providers”.

Collagen peptides free of purines, lactose, gluten and contains no allergens. Although they have a satiating effect, they don’t cause a full feeling or bloat.

How SUPERPRO Produced

Collagen and collagen peptides are produced from mostly skin and bones from pigs and cattle or fish. At the beginning of the production process the collagen is extracted. The natural collagen is dissolved very gently in warm water in a state-of-the-art, rigorously controlled process. This takes place in closed systems under the strictest hygiene conditions. The purity is also impressive: Cutting-edge filtration and analysis methods ensure the highest quality. Incidentally, quality already begins with the selection of the raw materials. After extraction, collagen still consists of very long amino acid chains. In the next step, the collagen is hydrolyzed with the help of enzymes. As if they had been cut with natural scissors, the long chains are broken down and divided into shorter sections so that they can be optimally utilized by the body. Now that the process is complete, the peptides have the optimized length to support bones, joints, muscles or skin. Sounds simple, it’s a highly modern and complex process. No other synthetic components or solvents are used in this process, collagen peptides produced are completely natural.

Amino Acids in SUPERPRO